Monday, March 13, 2017

Silver and shine

Silver & Shiny

For my first post I chose to share how to make these extra shiny nails! Using silver nail polish always looks nice but I'm going to show how to make the silver stand out even more. After applying shiny silver nail polish you can add extra shine by using nail glitter (as seen below) or other nail decorations. All you need is the glitter, some see-through nail polish, and a brush like in the picture. The glitter and brush I have came with a nail polish set however, even a mini make up brush and normal glitter would probably work.

So after applying the silver nail polish and letting it dry, I added small amounts of see-through nail polish on the tips of my nails (one by one) and then dabed the brush into the glitter and started gently brushing it onto the end of my nail.

Then you should let your nails dry a bit because you want the glitter to stick.
I also wanted to add a bit of color to my nails so I applied these other shiny nail decorations and I added one little star on both middle fingers ( I'll admit I got a bit excited with the decorations). The tool seen in the left picture is what I used to add the colorful decorations and the stars. All you need to do is add some more see-through nail polish and then get some of the see-through nail polish onto the decorations and push them on with the "stick" (the see-through nail polish acts like a glue).

After getting everything on and letting your nails dry, its important to add several layers of see-through nail polish (preferably nail polish meant as a topcoat) as this will then protect the decorations added onto the nail. I use a topcoat nail polish called Dr.Rescue as it is this gell like nail polish which creates a thick and fast drying cover on the nail.
The final result is seen below ( and at the very top).

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