Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Make-up sponge for nail art?

I have seen many nails with multiple colors and the colors fading from one to the other but only recently did I learn how it's done! I noticed from nail art videos that people were using sponges to dab different colors to their nails. There are still many techniques with the sponge that I need to try out but I started with the easy one, using two colors and getting the colors to nicely swap to the other on the nail.
This is what I accomplished: Bright Spring colors!

I tried this technique using a make-up sponge...even though I bet the sponges seen on the videos were not. 😀
I started by applying a base color which was this time white. Then the next step was as simple as this; I took the sponge and took the two nail polishes I wanted to use and spread them half and half on it. 

Then once I had spread the nail polishes on the sponge I pressed it onto my nail like a seesaw (one side to the other.) 
As you can see in the picture below the color if very light the first time, so the process needs to be done atleast three times to get a nice bright color.

Again as this technique gets nail polish all over your skin, I used the liquid latex to protect the skin around my nails. It really helps in the end when you need to get the excess nail polish off!😉

 I then finished off the nails with some sparkling nail polish!

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