Thursday, March 16, 2017

Midnight quick nails

Yesterday I realized I had to redo my nails since my old nail polish had started to look worn out, however I only had time to do them late in the evening. Still I did it, but kept it simple!

I had just bought a new blue nail polish and I had to try it out but I couldn't JUST paint my nails blue so I decided to add some extra to my nails.
I started with just the blue nail polish which looked pretty awesome as its this electric blue color and it would stand out just like that as well. But then I decided to add some contrast to make them stand out even more.
I used this white nail polish I have which has a different kind of brush as it is meant for making nail designs. You can see the difference in the brush below. With a thin brush like this it is easy to make line like patterns onto nails. Like in this case, I started drawing white lines from the tips of my nails. By making each other line longer than the other it gave this "dripping effect".

After getting the nails done, I ofcourse covered them with the protecting see-through nail polish. This also added some more shine. 

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