Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Candy nails- another example of the swirl paint technique


I thought it would be good to show another example of the swirl technique since it's not the easiest at first. I also tried it out with red and white and got these candy like nails. They reminded me of candy cains! :)

First I would suggest painting your nails with a base color, for example I chose white. 

Then the colors I used to make the design were red, white, and the silver color. The silver nail polish I put into the water first to create a base and then I added the red and white one by one again. 

Then I moved the colors aroud creating a design as seen below. 

This time before dipping my finger into the pattern I used the liquid latex to cover the sides of my fingers.  Apply it around your nail so that when you dip your finger into the water for the design you won't have so much trouble cleaning off all the excess nail polish.

The liquid latex creates a protection as such: you can simply pull off the excess nail polish from the sides of your fingers. This saves you time as you won't have to carefully clean your fingers with nail polish remover. 

I kept changing the pattern in the water as I did each finger so I got different patterns on each finger. 

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