Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Welcome to my nail art blog!

Hi, and welcome to my blog, I’m Katri and I love nail polish and nail art! 

Ever since I was little I have been excited about having my nails done. It all started with my mother painting my nails for holidays and special events and later I started practicing with her nail polishes. Then the time came that I got my very own and I’ve grown to be very excited about making my nails standout!
These days I find it really fun and exciting to try new things with my nails and learn new techniques. Therefore I want to share my ideas and learnings about nail art with all of you. I want to share how to make your nails stand out and look beautiful, and also provide useful hints about the tools to use.
Below are some different styles I’ve tried out. 

I’m definitely not even close to a professional at doing nails but that’s the point of my blog; to show how even as a beginner you can learn these simple techniques and make your nails look pretty. Most nail art videos and pages I’ve looked at don’t explain how the nail art has been done and so I want to do the opposite and share my learnings with you.
I repaint my nails almost every week so I'm going to aim at posting frequently. I hope this will be nice and interesting for most of you.

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