Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Nails


So Easter was a couple days ago and  I wanted to make my nails have something to do with Easter.
Since I haven't drawn images on my nails very often i decided to just paint pictures on my thumbs and then make the other finger nails a spring like color.

I decided to paint a bunny and a chick on my thumbs. I took a normal thin paint brush and painted the pictures on with nail polish.

 I painted the shapes of the animals and then for the faces I used the nail decorations and nail art pens seen below. I used the black decorations for eyes and the pink decorations as a nose for the bunny.

 Then for the rest of my nails, I painted them with nice bright colors to represent spring. I used the sponge effect and painted my nails with triple colors.

I painted a strip of each color on the sponge and then pressed the sponge over my nail. I had to do this several times in order to get nice bright colors. 

I then finished off my nails by adding some sparkling see-through nail polish and adding some flower nail stickers. :)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gold nail foils

Black and gold fit well together, they look very formal and the colors make your nails stand out! This time I used gold nail foils to make these nails. This  is what gold nail foil looks like:

It can be squeezed into a ball to fit a small jar like this and once taken out it can gently be spread like this. Its a really interesting nail art tool.

I first painted my nails black and then I cut smaller bits to fit onto my nails. Then I used see-through nail polish  like a glue to get the foils to stick and I pressed them on the way I wanted. ( I wanted to put the foils slightly diagnoly.)

The foil is hard to get on perfectly but the nice thing about it is that you can press it on in a way that it looks very smooth and you can cover small holes with smaller pieces. ( applying more foil onto the nail doesn't make the nail foil look thicker.)

You can fix some parts where the black nail polish shows also with similar colored gold nail polish.

Then you just cover the nails with couple layers of protecting see-through nail polish and you're done. :)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pink with crazy stripes

So, this week I got this done whilst experimenting with my nail polishes:

I keep trying new stuff with the nail polish tools I got and this time decided to play around with the thin nail polish brushes I have. They are fun to use as drawing tools, although of course they are more challenging to use when compared to nail polish pens, as pens are easier to control.

It was fun to see that the mix of colors looked good. I started by painting my nails pink and I wanted to then add black and silver stripes/lines to add contrast.  I got to admit that when I started I wasn't even sure if it was going to turn out well but happily they did. :)

But as I was just experimenting I didn't get pictures of the process and therefore I decided to paint my toe nails the same way to then get atleast some pictures of the process.
I started by applying black wavy lines onto my nails and then once dry I added silver coloring to the sides of those black lines.

The colors then ended up working really nicely together. :)

I'm still figuring out the right way to get pictures of the processes and at the moment I'm using a selfie stick but I'd love to hear about other tactics on this.

I'm also going to be ordering some new really cool nail art stuff so hopefully I'll be able to get even more exciting posts soon!!! ;)