Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saw it, tried it, learned it. - Space nails


This time I want to share how I saw something while searching for nail art ideas, fell in love with the idea, tried it and succeeded!!

I had seen these awesome space themed nails online and I noticed that the methods seemed quite simple. I had just recently learned how useful a sponge can be in nail art and so I decided to take this as a challenge.

Firstly I chose colors which I wanted to use: Black, blue and white and again I took a make-up sponge. The make-up sponge was to be the main tool for applying the nail polish.

Firstly I applied the base color which was this time blue. Then once dry, I started with the black nail polish and applied it to a corner of the sponge. When applying the nail polish to the corner of the sponge it is important to first dab the sponge onto paper to get some of the excess nail polish off.
Then I gently dabbed the corner of the sponge to the areas where I wanted black. I wanted black on both sides of my nails.

After letting that dry I moved onto the white nail polish and started the same way. I dabbed some of the white nail polish to the other corner, dabbed the excess nail polish off and then applied it to my nail. I wanted the white onto the middle.

Like what happened to me, I noticed that a lot of the blue started disappearing which wasn't the point, so then with a third corner of the sponge I also dabbed some more blue onto the nail. (You really want all three colors to show)

The last step involves adding glitter ("stars"). For this step I used nail glitter (though I bet some others may have used glittery see-through nail polish.)
I first covered my nail with just a shiny see-through nail polish to work sort of like glue for the glitter, then with the brush I sprinkled some glitter onto my nail.

Then as a little extra I added a pink and green dot to couple nails to represent planets.

The last step of course was covering the nail with a protecting gloss once dry.

To be honest once I was done I didn't know if I had really succeeded cause my  fingers were so full of nail polish but once I got all the excess nail polish off from the sides, I was really happy with the results. :)

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