Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Swirl Paint Technique

Next I wanna show how to make nails like the ones above. I had seen the technique many times online in videos but the videos were made in fast speed and it was hard to figure out how to do it. However after watching the videos many times and then testing it out myself, I finally learned it.

I'm not sure what this process is called but I have seen it called "swirl paint" which you can understand after checking this out. It is fun and you get awesome nails. :)

Firstly add a light base color for your nails, for example this light pink that i used.

Then you need a plastic cup of water and a pen like tool that you can mix with.
Then in order for this to work you need to test which nail polish work well with the water. You need nail polish which doesn't fade in water (like below.) It is also important to test different colors to see which work well together.

I started by adding this silver nailpolish into the water kinda like a "base color" and then I started adding drops of pink and yellow one by one. The colors spread into what you see above. 
Then you need to start testing the kind of pattern you want onto your nail by dragging/moving the nail polish as seen below.

 If you start dragging the colors from the center to the corners it will look like what you see on the LEFT but if you start dragging it from the sides towards the centre it will look like what you see on the RIGHT.  Once you have the image on the surfact which you like the next part comes.
--> Dip your finger onto the section that you want painted onto your nail. Then with the same "stick" that you made the pattern with, move all the excess nail polish from around your finger.  and pull your finger out but pull it towards yourself.

However before doing this you probably want to protect your skin from all the excess nail polish. (cause it'll other wise be annoying getting it off afterwards)

The first time I protected my skin from the nail polish by covering my finger with colored tape (as seen) but then I baught this liquid latex which perfectly protects your skin so that once you get nail polish on the skin,  it goes on the latex which can be pulled off later once your nails are dry.  ( Baught from a pharmacy )

You can apply it with a brush or even a cotton swab. Spread the liquid latex to the parts of your finger which will get excess nail polish.  Then later you just pull it off. It's really awesome! :)  ( I will have an image of it in the next post)

Anyhow afterwards you should have something like this: I added some flower stickers as finishing touches. ;)

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