Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gold nail foils

Black and gold fit well together, they look very formal and the colors make your nails stand out! This time I used gold nail foils to make these nails. This  is what gold nail foil looks like:

It can be squeezed into a ball to fit a small jar like this and once taken out it can gently be spread like this. Its a really interesting nail art tool.

I first painted my nails black and then I cut smaller bits to fit onto my nails. Then I used see-through nail polish  like a glue to get the foils to stick and I pressed them on the way I wanted. ( I wanted to put the foils slightly diagnoly.)

The foil is hard to get on perfectly but the nice thing about it is that you can press it on in a way that it looks very smooth and you can cover small holes with smaller pieces. ( applying more foil onto the nail doesn't make the nail foil look thicker.)

You can fix some parts where the black nail polish shows also with similar colored gold nail polish.

Then you just cover the nails with couple layers of protecting see-through nail polish and you're done. :)

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