Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Testing Viva la Diva nailpolish


This week I went shopping for a new nailpolish from Kicks Store and I decided to try out Viva la Diva nailpolish!
vivaladiva kynsilakka kicks myymäläsä, kiiltävä kynsilakka. vaaleanpunainen

Beautiful and bright color and lots of shine! However I did realize that this nailpolish is most likely meant as a decoration nailpolish which is added on top of another nailpolish color because of how thin it is.
Below you can see the difference in the thickness of the Viva la Diva nailpolish when compared with Essence's Holo rainbow sparkling nailpolish.
vivaladiva kynsilakka kicks myymälästä, miltä kynsilakka näyttää

I needed to apply several coats/layers of this nailpolish to achieve this look. However, I love the result and color and I will probably try another color/shade of nailpolish from Viva la Diva.

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