Thursday, January 25, 2018

Nailart: Mirror powder.


Couple months ago I decided to order more nailart supplies from online as here in Finland nailart supplies seem quite expensive when compared to online stores from other countries.
I chose an online store called Light in the Box, which has a big selection of nailart supplies. I ordered shine powders, stamps, glitters, etc. The glitters were great, but the stamps are not. I've tried the nailart stamps with all my nailpolishes and even tried it with new nailpolishes and none of them work  😔
I've also tried the shiny mirror powders and some of them have worked well but then one of them not so well.
This mirror powder worked well as seen below.

I used a black base color and then started applying the mirror powder. First it looked black with a purple shine but then I added a layer of see-through nailpolish and added more mirror powder and then the final color and effect came. I then also covered it with a protecting layer of see-through nailpolish. 😊👌

Then I also tried silver mirror powder that I had also baught from the store. This seemed to work as I applied it but for some reason when I applied the see-through nailpolish the mirror effect dissapeared and it just looked shiny. 

 I also accidentally decorated my remote while doing my nails. 😜

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