Friday, December 29, 2017

New year nails art

Hei and a happy coming new year!🤗

I got my nails ready for new year already! I got this amazing nail art set along with these nail art stickers from Santa😉 and had to open it right away ofcourse.

I used the black nailpolish and added a silver sticker/decoration onto my thumbnails and middle fingers' nails. The rest of the nails I decorated with the sparkly silver glitter by brushing some onto the tips with the little brush. 💅 (the see-through nailpolish as the glue)

The glitter and decorations now stand out because of the black nailpolish, kinda like fireworks stand out in the night sky❣ 😊🎆
*I also already picked out my new years perfume, Police 😁

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