Monday, December 11, 2017

I ❤shine, Depend nailpolish


This time I wanted to post about Depend nailpolish as yesterday I found a sparkly color I really like.
The Depend bottles are cute and small but the quality is really good(don't let the size fool you). In my opinion Depend nailpolish doesn't dry up or get thick quickly like some nailpolishes. The brush is a good size and it is easy to paint your nails quickly without creating a mess.

The Depend nailpolishes I have in use at the moment are(all create a really bright color when 2 coats are applied):

The sparkling silver looks beautiful and glamorous, especially when you add the two coats! 😍

Another new Depend nailpolish of mine is this one below. (Depend 02) 👌 Beautiful. Shiny. Winter color. 

I need to buy more of these sparkling ones....I already have my eye on some which I want to buy (there are different colored sparky nailpolishes) 😉

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